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What is TAS?

You may have noticed that we occasionally mention something called TAS and you also may be asking ... "what exactly is this TAS that you speak of?". For the uninitiated, TAS stands for The Tuesday Afternoon Show and it was a sketch comedy podcast that we did between Oct. '05 and April '08 that featured many characters voiced by us (including Bob Chase, who would later show up in a ZTO episode) and also included a semi-regular segment called 'Uncle John's B-Movie Pick', which was the origin of Zombie Take-Out. If your interested in checking it out (or listening again if you were a fan) you can get to the site by clicking the image below. Please note that The Tuesday Afternoon Show is intended for mature audiences (chronologically mature, anyway) and, as usual, we do not recommend listing to Episode 1.

Reader Comments (1)

TAS actually dates back to the early nineties on a college radio station, my part with it began in February of '92. We were doing this strange combination of Python and Stern with the ultimate goal of confusing people rather than shocking them. Was it shocking? Was it funny? That always depended on who was listening, and if you were a college administrator the answer was always yes to former and no to the latter.

The TAS John speaks of was the podcast resurrection after eleven years in the professional wilderness. We now didn't have to play music if we didn't want to, but music was such a huge part of the original, so we looked for acts that were trying to make it, or just flat out different and looked for mutual promotion. The most important thing about this version was that we were able to really stretch and do the bizarre things that we've always dreamed of doing. The bits range from the utterly sophomoric (Mel, a bit that cost me the General Management spot of that college radio station) to the we-haven't-found-a-category-for-it-yet (We remade the entire Divine Comedy among Shakespeare and Tarrantino classics).

If you liked The Muppet Show, Kids in the Hall, or Python, you'll love TAS...RIP, until it's next resurrection...

September 22, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterScotto says:

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