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Zombie Take-Out Episode 130: High Schticking

Slap Shot Scotto and Uncle John discuss their first sports movie ... A cult favorite starring Paul Newman that takes the classic Bad News Bears formula and turns it on it's head. This week on Zombie Take-Out, from 1977, it's Slap Shot. Were the fight scenes the only good parts of the movie? Why didn't they just admit that it was set in Johnstown PA? What on earth posessed them to end it that way?

Scotto's Rating
3.5 brains
Uncle John's Rating
2.5 brains
How would you rate Slap Shot?

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Reader Comments (1)

I enjoy your podcast but I have to step in here and put a serious hurtin' on you guys, vigilante-style.

Paul Newman was too old to be cast as a player/coach? Do you guys even know anything at all about hockey? The answer is no, you do not. If you did, you'd know that Gordie Howe was 52 years old when he played his last season in the NHL. Chris Chelios was close to that when he retired at the age of 48. It's even more common in the minor leagues, where players extend their careers by becoming player/coaches.

As far as Newman's performance, it was one of his best, and Newman himself stated that it was one of his favourite roles.

As much as I enjoy the hockey scenes, the off-ice ones are just as entertaining. I don't know what the puck you guy's were watching. Some of the most quotable lines are said away from the rink.

As you mentioned, The Hansons were actual hockey players and they are great in this movie. However, this movie is full of interesting characters, not just those maniac brothers. There's the goalie, Denis Lemieux ("who own da team?"), Strother Martin as GM Joe McGrath, the sleazy Morris and of course Ogie Ogelthorpe. Plus we get to see the mom from A Christmas Story, nude which was always a Christmas wish of mine. Hey Reggie, be careful! You'll poke your eyes out with those nipples!

Jason Lee in a remake? Give your head a shake! I think you've taken one too many slap shots to the head. No remake required. The movie is flawless and nobody is asking for one.

Honestly, are you sure you guys didn't play hockey in the helmetless era? I'm worried that you are suffering from post concussion syndrome after hearing this review.

For this crime against a cinematic masterpiece, I sentence both of you to go to the penalty box for 5 minutes and feel shame. Dirty, dirty shame. When you get out, I'll be waiting.

August 23, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterMovie Vigilante

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