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Zombie Take-Out Episode 114: Cuptar

Safe Men Scotto and Uncle John continue their all request trilogy with a movie that features one of the best casts of any that we've reviewed and answers the querstion: What if the Coen Bros. directed Ishtar? This week on Zombie Take-Out, from 1998, it's Safe Men. Were Sam and Eddie a couple? Has Michael Lerner been in every movie since 1969? What exactly happened to the end of the movie?

Scotto's Eating
4 brains
Uncle John's Rating
4 brains
How would you rate Safe Men?

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Reader Comments (2)

Thanks, guys! ;^)

As for Scott's question, I really don't know what happened in regards to the NHL. Not sure if that was the real Stanley Cup, for example, but I have a feeling that getting the real Stanley Cup is a lot easier than getting a replica! And yes, I did get to touch it!

The cast, of course, was amazing, and keep in mind this was before most of them were really big, especially Rockwell, Giamatti, Ruffalo (who, yes, is very much alive) & Dinklidge.

FYI, the Bar Mitzvah scene was a parody of the wedding scene in The Godfather.

As far as the ending goes, yes, in the script, they never did showed the realization that the Stanley Cup is missing. Guess it wasn't relevant to the main plot of where these characters are going...

Funny thing about the bathroom scene is that it was scripted BEFORE Hannah stops Leflore. It works much better after Hannah stops him. (Thought they cut a great scene when Hannah & Leflore wrestle!)

This did have a theatrical release, but it was a very small indie release. It played at the Angelica in NYC and a few other art house types of place.

Surprised you didn't mention how this was John Hamburg's first feature - his other two were Along Came Polly and I Love You, Man. He also co-wrote all three Fockers movies.

Behind-the-scenes fun:

* As 2nd Second AD, my job was to keep my eye on the talent whenever they were off the set, and bring them to set when called. Paul Giamatti was a consummate pro & kinda just hung out with me, told me when he was going to the bathroom, etc. Rockwell & Zahn would deliberately hide on me, especially when we were shooting in the south Bronx and would duck into little clothing stores, which caused me some embarrassment when the First AD would call them to set. Harvey Fierstein flirted with me once - very funny!

* The stand-ins for Sam & Eddie were named Steve and Dan - eventually they became known as "Steely Dan"

* In one of the takes of the "Say Anything" scene, when Mark Ruffalo is walking away, sullen, he shook the boom box in frustration, and the boom box fell off of the handle. I don't know why they didn't use that take, because it was hilarious!

* At the end of the production, it's common for the art & wardrobe departments to sell items they can't return to the crew in order to save money in the budget. I bought two pair of Veal Chop's crazy sweatpants. At the wrap party, Paul told me he thought that was hysterical, I still have one pair to this day - don't know what happened to the other.

One final note about the alpha-numerically challenged - many cell phones these days don't have the letters on the numbers, especially when there's a QWERTY keyboard. Just sayin' ;^D

Glad you enjoyed the movie!

March 17, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterBrian Jude

Thanks for the input, Brian. The wrestling scene would have been hilarious and I agree that they should have left it in.
As far as leaving out that it was Hamburg's first feature, trivia is usually my job and, since I haven't seen Along Came Polly or I Love You, Man, the titles didn't ring a bell and I forgot that they were fairly successful, so I didn't think that it was relevant. Misjudgment on my part.
Thanks for sharing the behind the scenes info. I kinda wish that we'd had it for the review, but we'll definitely mention it in the next episode.
Also, thanks for pointing out that a lot of cell phones don't have letters on the number keys. It vindicates my position on reading the alpha-numerically challenged number and we'll do so from now on. - UJ

March 17, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterUncle John

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