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Zombie Take-Out Episode 86: Decaffeinated

Hot Fuzz After a long stretch of bad movies, Scotto and Uncle John finally get a good one ... a movie that mixes the genres of comedy, action, buddy cop, mystery, conspiracy and even horror and succeeds across the board. This week on Zombie Take-Out, from 2007, it's Hot Fuzz. Was it really just a remake of The Wicker Man? Could it possibly be even better than Shaun of The Dead? Swan!!!

Scotto's Rating
5 brains
Uncle John's Rating
5 brains
How would you rate Hot Fuzz?

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Next Week ... I Heart Huckabees

Reader Comments (1)

I loved Spaceballs. As silly as the movie was, it cracked me up. Jackie Chan is the man. He is AWESOME!!! I'm looking forward to another Evil Dead movie. I'm just hoping that it's good. LMAO:) Brando playing in Star Wars. Yeah I didn't like Dalton as Bond either. He was my least favorite. You're Welcome John in regards to the test recording. I'm glad I could help out with your show. Great podcast guys.

August 3, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterMichelle

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