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Zombie Take-Out Episode 67: Paychecks all around

Deep Blue Sea Scotto and Uncle John discuss a science fiction film that tries to be a warning about the dangers of genetic engineering, but ends up just being about giant sharks eating people. This week on Zombie Take-Out, from 1999, it's Deep Blue Sea. Why would they want to make the world's most efficient killing machine even smarter? Whose performance was better, Samuel L Jackson or LL Cool J? Did Jacqueline McKenzie's death scene bring a whole new meaning to watersports?

Scotto's Rating
3 brains
Uncle John's Rating
3 brains
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Next week ... Sgt. Kabukiman NYPD

Reader Comments (1)

Yeah I loved LL Cool J. I loved it when he was recording himself discussing his favorite recipe. That would be something I would do. I liked Samuel Jackson's role just before he was eaten.Yeah I agree John, wine would not attract a shark in real life. Yeah you're right John, how the hell could the shark swim backwards. It's not physically possible. I agree with you, Scott. I enjoyed watching this movie too. I'll admit I've seen it more than once. Yes you are right John that was the same license plate from Jaws. It figures you would notice that too. Nothing gets past you. When the guy was flying at the window on that gurney, they should have ran as soon as they realized it was him. Why stand there and wait for it to cracked the window. CRAZY Steven Seagal was the cook in Under Seige. Great podcast guys.

February 15, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterMichelle

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