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Zombie Take-Out Episode 53: Just a wild and crazy Ironside

Godzilla Scotto and Uncle John discuss their new site, oldest movie to date and first giant monster movie. This week on Zombie Take-Out, from 1956, it's the American version of the original Godzilla. What was with the accents? Should Ramond Burr have done the entire movie with a fake arrow through his head? Well, excuuuse me!

Scotto's Rating
3.5 brains
Uncle John's Rating
3.5 brains
How would you rate Godzilla?

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Next week ... Ghost World

Reader Comments (1)

I love the image for this week's Podcast. The arrow through the head. Too Funny!! The healocopter LOL I like that Scott, a Tokyo beat down. Yeah Godzilla versus Mothra was my favorite. One way or another, Scott, you fit Anthony Hopkins in there. John, you're funny, dubbing is hard to do. Just a wild and crazy monster or ironsides works for me. HILARIOUS!!! Great Podcast guys. I love the new web site. AWESOME!!!

September 22, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMichelle

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