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Zombie Take-Out Episode 57: De pain, Boss, de pain

Forbidden Zone Scotto and Uncle John take a trip to the sixth dimension to discuss what is by far their strangest movie yet. This week on Zombie Take-Out it's 1982's Forbidden Zone. Was Hervé Villechaize the best actor in the movie? Is The Simpson's theme just a rip off of The Jetson's theme? Bim Bam Boom.

Scotto's Rating
2 brains
Uncle John's Rating
3.5 brains
How would you rate Forbidden Zone?

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Next week ... Bloodrayne

Reader Comments (1)

Where do you guys come up with the ideas for your intros? You guys crack me up. I have to listen to the beginning 2 or 3 times. Good analogy John, Rocky Horror on acid. That's a good one. This movie is beyond strange. Too Funny They must have been on drugs when they made this movie. Who in their right mind would do it straight. That makes sense that they ran out of money. Weeman would be hilarious. WTF Anthony Hopkins as the princess. OMG Great podcast guys. I can't wait for next week.

October 21, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMichelle

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