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Zombie Take-Out Episode 26: Something Very Canadian

Dude, Where's My Car?
Scott and Uncle John discuss a movie that, despite lackluster box office, has added to the cultural lexicon. An exercise in absurdity that features some of the best cameo appearances in film history. This week on Zombie Take-Out from 2000 it's Dude, Where's My Car?. Is it really just Tolkien with stoners. Was Sean William Scott pulling a Jim Carey? Shibby, Zoltan! And Then?

Scotto's Rating:
4.5 brains
Uncle John's Rating:
4.5 brains

Listen to Episode 26

Download Episode 26 (36:19)



Nest week ... The Gods Must Be Crazy

Pudding photo courtesy of DeathByBokeh

Reader Comments (2)

As always great Podcast guys. I so love listening to your show. The highlight for me in this movie is when Jesse(Ashton Kutcher's character) kissed Chester. I never knew that would be such a turn on. I guess it's because Ashton is such a pretty boy. Oh yeah "NO AND THEN" that sounded like the Chinese food place I order from, laughed my ass off. All they say is "And then" and "Good good order be done in 10 minutes." Hey the movie made a profit they need to stop whining. John you waited on line for 12 hrs for Phantom Menace. WOW You really do love Star Wars. John, I love your sarcastic sense of humor. And too funny, Charlie O'Connell, has always seem liked the mindless muscle bound guy to me. I've seen a couple interviews he's done and thought he is lucky he has a famous brother so he can ride his coat strings. You guys are funny, Bob Wheeler, you love your Night Court. I thought Brent Spiner played that character well but I really loved him as Lt. Cmdr. Data. And I agree, my low point was the unnecessary music video. It made no sense. It was the 3rd Matrix movie that had the random dance seen. But I think they were dancing to celebrate the fact the Neo made it to the lost city. Yeah I'm sad to admit, Yes I did see that movie. Ashton Kutcher played a great Kelso. He played it so well it's hard to believe he isn't that dumb in real life. I love this movie too. And I love the ending of your show. If you are going to banish someone to anywhere in NJ, Newark or Jersey City is far worse. I look forward to next week. Another movie I love.

December 3, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterMichelle Roy

I've fallen a bit behind and am going through some of the older episodes. Always entertained by them, of course!

My friend Geoffrey Gould, who does a lot of character background work in L.A., played the Zoltan [Z!] van driver. In the DVD commentary, Ashton Kutcher actually makes reference to Geoff's blog, in which he talks about what happens on set each day! The link is

Enjoy, and have a happy 2011!

December 29, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterBrian Jude

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