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Zombie Take-Out Episode 25: O Wilhelm, Where Art Thou?

Swamp Thing
Scotto and Uncle John discuss their first movie to feature the infamous Wilhelm scream. A movie that ticks all of the sequel, remake etc. boxes and then some (comic, sequel, live action series, animated series and remake). This week on Zombie Take-Out it's the 1982 classic Swamp Thing. Should David Hess have stayed in music? Should monsters ever have swords? What's so wrong about gratuitous nudity anyway?

Scotto’s Rating:
3 brains
Uncle John’s Rating:
4 brains

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The Wilhelm scream


In two weeks ... Dude, Where's My Car?

Reader Comments (1)

1st I want to say, I would be honored if you guys named the comment segment after me. Now to my comment, When I 1st saw this movie I saw it in 3D, much better than the original version. Yeah that gas station on the other side of the swamp was a little out of place. I can see the reference to Killer Tomatoes because it is sort of the same concept. When I first saw this movie I got the same idea that it was filmed in a foreign country. David Hess, believe it or not has done musicals too. And he has released recent albums as well. I first liked Adrienne Barbeau when I saw her on the TV show 'Maude.' She is much better as a comedic actress. I agree w/Scott it did remind me a lot of Godzilla. John doesn't want topless women. Too funny Hopefully the remake will have a much better costume than the original. I agree, never drink the green stuff. Thanks, guys, for doing this movie. I loved your review.

November 19, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterMichelle Roy

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