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Zombie Take-Out is the B and cult movie podcast. Each week Scotto and Uncle John will discuss a different movie, giving their unique perspectives on it as well as some background information, trivia and a few surprises.

Meet the hosts

Scotto It has almost gotten to the point to ask, "What hasn't Scott done?" Scott Maccio has been on a bizarre quest to find out exactly what his role is in this world. He is presently working in sales and fund raising for a major non-profit theatre company in Chicago. Resides currently, in swamps of Dagobah does he. In the past, he has been a writer, teacher, actor, playwright, poet, DJ and public relations guru. This is an unfinished story, you'll just have to tune in to see what's next.




Uncle John
Uncle John Already a skilled musician, audio engineer, writer, Photoshop artist and web designer John H. Maloney now adds internet broadcast co-host to his impressive list of accomplishments. In addition to being the saner half of the Zombie Take-Out team, he also records, mixes and edits each episode and arranged, performed and recorded the show's theme music. You can find out more about John by visiting